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 ~~Recruitment regulation

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PostSubject: ~~Recruitment regulation   Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:01 pm

This is very important for recruiters, thought it's interesting for the other members too! Recruiters job is to recruit pubbers in the clan *duh*. Since there are lots of members (and we don't really have a regulation to join) we descided to make some recruitment rules.

Here they are:

* First, person who want join must registr in forum.
* A pubber who wants to join needs a minimum XP of 5000 to get a try-out (put |T| tag in front of your name),
* The pubber getting try-out needs to have a K/D ratio of 2/1,(it is not important)
* Try-outs can only be given by recruiters. If no recruiter is in server, higher admins can take their job,
* It's important the recruit in question is able to speak a minimum of English needed to communicate with other clan mates and guests,
* Every recruit needs to register on forums, this is the recruiters responsability,
* Recruiters have to post every single member they recruited, in the appropriated forum.

Every recruiter is allowed to setlevel guest to the free admin levels (1,2, 3 and 4):

* 1000 XP = level 1
* 2000 XP = level 2
* 3000 XP = level 3
* 4000 XP = level 4

When a admin recruits a pubber, he is allowed to set him level 5 and NOT higher. Every member starts with level 5. Also a recruiter is NOT allowed to promote!

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~~Recruitment regulation
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