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 ~~Clan Rule

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PostSubject: ~~Clan Rule   Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:57 pm

Clan Rules

General Clan rules

1) Bad Language and disrespecting

We want to create a server where everyone feels at home. Everybody needs to get respected. Either he is a admin, a guest or visitor. Bad language and disrespecting is not tolerated on the server. Treat others, like you want to be treaten. Diprecting will be punished

2) Wallhacks and aimbotting

Cheating is strictly forbidden on our server. If you see someone botting report it to a high admin who is on the server. If none is on line, make a video of the cheater and report that video to an admin.

3) Asking admin

We don’t like members who whine for a level. We get the feeling you’re only here for the admin level. You’ll get the level you deserve when it is time. Be patient and be a good admin is the message

4) Walljumping

Walljumping (ab. WJ) is
when players jump over walls or double jump to places where they
shouldn’t be able to go. It is forbidden.
Please do not confuse with trickjump (TJ), TJ is allowed at home, however, changes in the WJ when jumping into the enemy without the destruction of walls, gates, building a ramp.

5) Spawnkilling
Spawn killing is allowed only in the place where you capture the flag.
In other spawn is not allowed, output/exit of the spawn is not part of the spawn, so kill in the output/exit is allowed.
Failure to follow those rules, which are throwing out players from the server for the wrong reasons will be punished

6) Whining

Whinning is saying thing after you get killed like adre, backrape, panzan**b … It’s all part of the game! But we do not tolerate this.

7) Selfkill In Combat!

Don’t kill yourself in combat, it isn’t respectfull for your enemy.

8 ) No double clanning

You are loyal to the clan and you don’t join other clans. You’re in one clan only!

9) No spamming

No spamming in any ways.

10) Tag and Nick

Allow to set completely colored tags. Color selection is arbitrary, there is no limit. Still applies, no change names without prior notice about it in the appropriate forum topic. Help us to distinguish you, but also help you to obtain promotions. We do not want you to place on the confusion is not needed, we will not be discerned who is who and where such a person will be ignored.

The same nickname in the game and the forum
All players should use the same name in the game and the forum, please do follow, this will help us find the person and we will know who is who.


Glitching is not allowed, when a player does not react to a warning in main chat, he can be: first warn put to spec, second warn will be kick

12)Treats with commands

Treats with commands by admins (mute, kick, ban etc.) without a good reason also can be rewarded with a demote.

Recruiting Rules

1) How to get recruited?

First you'll have to get 5000 xp. After you get the recuired xp, you should put a |T| in front of your name. That way, recruiters and higher admin will know you want to get recruited and will give you a tryout.

For joining SaT you have to speak a minimum of english, since this is the language we comunicate. You need to behave and follow the rules.

Promoting Rules

Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are for visitors only. They are given in function of their gaint xp (1000xp = level 1, 2000xp = level 2, 3000xp = level 3 and 4000xp = level 4)
Level can be set by: recruiter, CoLeader, Leader, Owner and Supreme Admin.
Level 5 is for New recruits. New members are ALWAYS set level 5, not higher
Level can be set by: recruiter, CoLeader, Leader, Owner and Supreme Admin.
Higher levels are for members that are trusted and respected. Those members are promoted
Promoting: Only Owners and Supreme owners are allowed to promote members. Leaders, Coleaders and recruiters are not allowed to promote
Set back a level if someone lost it.
Only CoLeader, Leader, Owner and Supreme Admin are allowed to do this, checking whether the person is given who is really

Only members who are registerd on forums can be promoted to a higher level than 6. Members who are NOT registered will stay either level 5

Mute, kick and banRules

When using a mute, kick or ban command, you
need a really good reason for doing it (f.e:
"I will kick him because I cant kill him", or "he called me a noob" are NO valid reasons) If you don't have a good reason, you'll get punished.

f.e. If someone insult people in
server, you can mute him for a few minutes. Explain him what he did wrong and tell him you'll keep an eye on him and that he shouldn't do it again. If he ignores you and start all over again you can kick him. If he comes back, explain him what he did wrong.

When you see people on our server using aimbot, wallhack or any
other cheat, ask him to put everything off:
-If he turns it off, its ok. let him play and eventually report his name to a higher admin.
-If he keeps playing with his cheats, he have to be banned. If possible even permanent. Don't forget to report bans in forums!

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~~Clan Rule
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