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 ~~Fireteam Rules

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PostSubject: ~~Fireteam Rules   Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:04 pm

Some members asked us if they could make a fireteam. As off now making fireteams is allowed!

What is a fireteam?
A fireteam is a group of members wearing the same tags at the end of their names within the same clan. These are no scrimteams, so no scrims will be organised with other clans.

Still, there are a few rules to follow:

- A fireteam can only be made by 6+ admins and with the approvement of an owner.

- At this moment we only allow 4 different fireteams in the clan. This can change in future when we'll have more members.

- Tags will be put after your name (f.e. 9mm|Name|FT|)

- Further rules will be made by the fireteam owner him/herself.

- To open the team you must get permission from the Supremes (Thepito, CHadg), make a post asking in fireteam forum.

- To obtain/get a private subforum in the team must have at least 8 member's, stored in the list member's.

- You can't open fireteam, when you are in another fireteam, and You can't join to firetam when you are in another fireteam.

Have fun

Flyxz, Mardok

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~~Fireteam Rules
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