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 ~~Green Roster List

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Join date : 2011-02-01
Age : 26
Country : Switzerland/Ticino

PostSubject: ~~Green Roster List   Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:31 pm

Supremes Admin

9mm|Haunebu P 01.01.13/Thepito
9mm|RoCket P 22.01.13/CHadg
9mm|Notsu P 22.01.13/CHadg

Clan Council
Admin lvl 12

Clan Leader
Admin lvl 11

Clan CoLeader
Admin lvl 10

Clan Recruiter
Admin lvl 9
9mm|FirstToFight 23.01.13/RoCket
9mm|Sarcasem when?/RoCket
Clan Member
Admin lvl 8
9mm|Israel when?/ Rocket
Admin lvl 6

Admin lvl 5
9mm|Reload 03.02.13/ Thepito

Trial Member
9mm|YoungSoldier 25.01.13/ RoCket

Inactive Members
9mm|Loyal-> 23.01.13/ RoCket
9mm|RiCo 25.01.13/ RoCket
9mm|IMaiden 01.01.13/CHadg
9mm|Johnny_Undead 02.01.13/Thepito
9mm| Carcano|Ale+ 02.01.13/Thepito
9mm|Wolf 02.01.13/Thepito
9mm|Skylinejeee 21.01.13/ Notsu
9mm|xymelin 23.01.13/RoCket

Last EDIT /18.03.2013/12.44/Haunebu

J - joined
A - active
P - promoted
L - leave clan
B - back clan
D - demoted
K - kick out from clan
I - inactive
T - transfer
NR - not registr in forum
(NR can't be promote 6 lvl and hight)

Please dont post here!
Can only edit Owner
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~~Green Roster List
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